About us


Owner Christine Thomson is a long time dog lover and the mother of a 7 year old son, Gavin. She and Gavin recently adopted Murphy, a yellow Lab mix from Spot’s Dog Rescue. Murphy started life out on a reserve near Chibougamou, Quebec, but he is now enjoying all the new friends he is making with Christine’s guest dogs and at Bruce Pit on his daily walks. Christine is certified in Pet First Aid.

Christine can be found at Bruce Pit seven days a week, as she offers dog walking in her neighbourhood, the Arlington Woods/Craig Henry area, and takes Murphy and her house guests there every day!
Christine volunteers with Freedom DriversĀ and can often be found driving to/from Hawkesbury and Brockville, transporting dogs who need to get from Quebec shelters to foster care in Ottawa. She and her dog Murphy are volunteers with the Ottawa Humane Society’s Brightening Lives program – they make weekly visits to hospitals and retirement homes so residents can enjoy some dog companionship.

Christine is enrolled in the Professional Dog Trainer Program at Best Friends Dog Training. She recently completed level one and is looking forward to the next module.

Christine and Gavin love to take guest dogs hiking, snowshoeing and swimming.

Why Bone Voyage was Started
Bone Voyage was started in 2004 as an alternative to kennels and pet sitters for pampered dogs and their owners. Anyone who travels understands the guilt associated with leaving a beloved pet behind in a noisy kennel with cages and barking dogs. Imposing on family and friends isn’t always an option, and allowing a pet-sitter into your home invades your privacy and still leaves your dog home alone for long periods of time.

The Solution
Bone Voyage will find a private guest home for your dog’s vacation, where your canine companion will be treated like a member of the family. We will place your pet in a home best suited to your dog’s needs and personality.
Whether your dog needs a large yard and other dogs to play with, a quiet home with no children or other pets, or anything in between, we guarantee your dog will be in a safe and caring home. You and your dog will meet the care providers in their home prior to your vacation, so you will have peace of mind knowing your dog will be well cared for while you are away.