About our Guest Homes

Our care providers have decided to look after dogs for a variety of reasons but they all have one thing in common – they all love dogs!

  • Some have recently lost their long time family pet and they are not ready to make a full time commitment to a new puppy
  • Some are simply dog lovers who feel they are providing a useful service while enjoying the companionship of a dog without a long term commitment
  • Some would just like to have a visitor to play with their own dog

Most of our guest dogs are used to being treated as part of the family and I make sure that I find guest homes where your dog’s standard of living will not be compromised! (Many of our care providers ask if your dog is allowed to sleep on their bed – although of course this is not necessary!).

We have some bilingual care provides who are happy to speak French to your dog. Nous avons des foyers bilinges pour nos clients français.

We have care providers all across Ottawa – Kanata, Nepean, Barrhaven, Ottawa South, Downtown and Orleans – we might even have someone in your neighbourhood!

The Screening Process
I meet personally with each potential care provider to ensure that all dogs will be looked after in a safe and loving environment. I ask them to describe exactly what type of dogs (size, breed, energy level, etc.) they would like to look after to confirm their suitability for your dog. I can provide references for all of our care providers.

The Matching Process
I always make sure that I match your dog to the most appropriate guest home. My goal is to recommend a care-provider who is a perfect fit for your dog. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the recommendation – then I will not place your dog at that home. You are not under obligation to book or give a deposit until you have met the care provider you are happy with.

We will never compromise your dog’s safety and well-being.