Boarding your Dog

Choosing the Right Guest Home for Your Dog!

As a dog lover, I know I would never consider leaving my dog with anyone I did not completely trust.

The first step is to complete a profile – please click on the Book Now button on our home page and create a profile for you and your dog and a booking request for the dates/times. This provides me with important information about your dog such as their likes and dislikes, daily routine, medical history, and general characteristics. It is important for me to know if your dog gets along with children, cats and other dogs before I can start looking for a home for him/her. It also helps to know what part of town you live in so I can do my best to find a guest home convenient for you.

All booking requests are replied to by email. If you haven’t received a reply, please check your junk email folder. 

After careful review I will select the guest home best suited to the individual needs of your dog. If I do not feel that I have a suitable guest home available, I will tell you. I will never place a dog in a guest home which I do not feel matches that dog’s individual needs.

Because guest dogs live in private homes while you are away, our team of care providers can only accept dogs who will make good house guests. Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months old, mostly house trained, and not destructive (or at least, crate trained if they aren’t fully house trained yet). Dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations (or have a health certificate from their vet). If your dog isn’t up to date please email me and we can discuss our options. Kennel cough vaccine is recommended but not required. We will not accept dogs that are excessive barkers or show aggression to people. We do have guest homes without dogs of their own. These homes are suitable for older, shy dogs, or dogs recovering from illness or surgery. If your dog does not get along with other dogs at all, and will pose a risk to other dogs encountered on walks, we will not place him/her in any of our guest homes.

Meet the potential guest home! Next, I arrange for you and your dog to visit the proposed care provider. I want to ensure that you can go away on your trip feeling comfortable and relaxed knowing that your dog will be safe and well-cared for in your absence. I also want to make sure the care provider family feels your dog is a good match for their home, so everyone is happy while you are away!

An $85 per week per dog, non-refundable deposit is required within a few days of the meeting to confirm the booking. Bookings for holiday weekends, Christmas and March break all require a $150 per week non-refundable deposit. If you have requested your dog be the only dog in the care provider’s home, the deposit will be $150 or the amount of the invoice, whichever is less.

Only when you feel totally comfortable will your dog’s vacation be confirmed.