Do my dog and I get to meet the care provider ahead of time?

Yes! Your reservation is not confirmed until you, your dog and the care provider have met and all of you are satisfied with the arrangement. If it isn’t a good match, I will try to find another more suitable family for you and your dog to meet. If there isn’t time for a meet because it’s a last minute booking we can usually go without one if everyone’s in agreement.

What do I take to the care provider's when I drop my dog off?

Please take more than enough food for your dog’s stay, treats, a food bowl, leash/harness and bed/blanket/crate. Your dog must have a collar on, as it will be wearing a tag with the care provider’s phone number on it. Please put the food in a hard sided Rubbermaid type container and label it with your dog’s name. You may take toys but please don’t take anything you aren’t willing to part with if another dog wants to chew on it too!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Bone Voyage accepts Interac funds transfers or cheques. If you would like to pay in cash, we can arrange a meeting. You may not leave cash with the care provider. Payment is due prior to your dog’s stay.

What if my dog does damage to the care provider's home?

The dog’s owner is responsible for any damage his/her dog does to the care provider’s home/furnishings. If you crate your dog at home when you’re out, please ensure you take the crate to the care provider’s home so that they may provide your dog with the same routine he/she receives at home. If your dog has any destructive habits, you MUST disclose that information to Bone Voyage. We cannot accept dogs that are highly destructive and unsuitable for boarding in a private home.

Will my dog ever be crated at the care provider's home?

Only if your dog is crate trained and you take your own crate to the care provider’s home. See above.

My dog sleeps in my bed at home - will your care providers let my dog sleep in their bed with them?

Yes, many care providers will let your dog sleep with them. If that’s important to you, please let me know when you book!

If all goes well with my dog's first stay, will he/she be able to stay with the same family next time I book?

Absolutely! When you are ready to book again, all you need to do is send a quick email with the dates and let me know if you’d like to book the same family again. If they’re available and would like your dog back, your dog will be booked with them again.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Your dog must be up to date on its rabies and DHP , and I do need vaccination records. If your dog has any health concerns or is not up to date for any reason, please contact me. I may still be able to accommodate him or her in a home where there are no other dogs.